Zoup!’s “12 Days of Christmas” TikTok Goes Viral

Zoup! Eatery recently gained “TikTok fame”. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. The app allows users to post short videos set to music, and interact with others’ videos. Popular trends on the app include dances, challenges, and lip-syncing. Due to the algorithm of the app, users can ‘go viral’ without already having a large following. Zoup! recently experienced this, with their ’12 Days of Christmas’ parody TikTok trend gaining millions of views.

Zoup!’s Unique Approach

While using phones on-site is a big “no-no” at most restaurants, Zoup! takes a unique approach. Employees are encouraged to utilize social media to showcase the Zoup!ism, “Have fun, be proud” in action. “Allowing employees to share Tiktoks at work showcases our fun culture and allows viewers a behind the scenes peak into our brand. We have encouraged and embraced the use of social media such as Tiktok, as a way to elevate our brand awareness and showcase the unique personalities of each of our locally-owned eateries,” says Zoup! VP, Jason Valentine.

Tiktok Fame

The original hit videos were posted by franchisee owner, Via Ames, and features Zoup! employees donned in festive gear singing a Zoup!-ified parody of the original “12 Days of Christmas”. Each day, a new line was added to the song, and a new employee was revealed. Once Ames posted the sixth video in the series, the trend had gained traction. Over a million people were watching the videos and anticipating the next lyrics to the song. By the time Ames posted the 12th day, her account had grown to almost 100k followers and millions of views.


6th Day of Christmas. 12 Days of Christmas Zoup! style. #zoupdelaware #zoupeatery #holidayvibe #fyp #sing #holidaytiktok @zoupeatery

♬ original sound – Dames

Dia never expected to find fame on the app she began using to post videos of her employees having fu after work, “2020 was a tough year, so my team got together to do Tiktoks to add a little fun to the holiday season. Never in a million years did we think the Zoup! 12 Days of Christmas would go viral. We were singing about what we love – soup and Christmas. Zoup!’s culture is one of fun, welcoming, and inclusiveness. We all were our authentic selves and I think it showed through the video,” says Ames

spreading the love

After her account grew from 20 followers to 13k and over one million likes in one week, the Zoup! Support Center was quick to help make the most of the opportunity. The Support Center reposted as many user-generated videos as possible, put together prizes for the entire team including t-shirts promoting the video, and created best practices for other Zoup! franchise owners that wanted in on the action.

Fast-forward to two weeks after Christmas, and the trend continues to bring attention to Zoup! The catchy parody has been used as the sound for thousands of fan-generated videos. The hashtags #zoupeatery and #zoupdelaware had gained over 50 million views, boosting Zoup!’s brand awareness to previously untapped markets. A new trend emerged of fans road-tripping to the Ames’ location for the chance to meet the employees featured in the viral videos. “We have had people travel hundreds of miles to see us and enjoy our food. And when they come in, we treat them like family, because now they are part of our Zoup! family,” says Ames.


Reply to @sreiid Singing your orders! Thanks for coming to see us from Cambridge, MD.

♬ original sound – Dames

About Zoup! eatery

Founded in 1998, Zoup! is the leading fast-casual soup concept with locally owned and operated restaurants across the United States and Canada. In 2018, Zoup! started its evolution from Zoup! Fresh Soup Company to Zoup! Eatery and expanded its menu from soups, salads and sandwiches to additional menu categories. The company continues to grow, bringing Zoup! Eatery to new markets. For more information, visit zoup.com or zoupfranchise.com.