Zoup! to the Rescue Recap 2021

Zoup! is making soup month matter

A bowl of hot soup – commonly thought of as a remedy for a cold or the flu, can provide more than just a throat-soothing, belly-warming pick-me-up to sip while we’re sick. The beloved dish also elicits intangible feelings of comfort, warmth and wellbeing, often taking us to a place of nostalgia and familiarity. The comforting qualities of soup have the power to soothe more than just physical wellbeing. In difficult times, hot soup holds the power to soothe the mind and soul.

Zoup!’s culture is scratch-made from the idea of spreading comfort, warmth, and well-being through delicious soups. In addition to serving a wide variety of soup daily in our restaurants, Zoup! delivers ‘Rescue Care Packages’ to those in need of some cheer through Zoup! to the Rescue. The program runs year-round, but is emphasized during the cold month of January, which also happens to be National Soup Month. After the events of 2020, everyone could use a little extra comfort. This year, Zoup! delivered over 100 Rescue Care packages in 31 days.

Spreading Comfort, warmth, and well-being

We interviewed Cambridge, Ontario Zoup! Franchise owner Dave Kroeker about his experience with the Zoup! to the Rescue program. “We completed 12 [rescues] in the month of January and still have a few more that we are trying to line up.  Every rescue had a very special circumstance to us, the nominee and the nominator but there is always one that sticks out to me. Norman Mahaffy was that one this year for me.  His daughter Linda nominated him and here is what she wrote:

My father turned 80 this year. My mom (his wife) passed away in Dec 2019 and he has been living alone since then, and doesn’t eat well as his cooking skills are minimal. With Covid, he has had to completely isolate as he had a double lung transplant 10 years ago, leaving him with no immune system to fight off even a common cold. He has been trying to gain weight as the loss of his wife and learning to live alone this past year has exacted a tremendous toll on him. He couldn’t even celebrate his milestone birthday this year. A delicious meal from Zoup! would not only brighten his day but provide wonderful nourishment to help keep him healthy. I bet once he tries Zoup! he’ll become a regular customer as well! I know it’s my favourite!

“Norman came with Linda and I had the pleasure of doing a curbside (sanitized)  hand off to him.  What a great man!  He is so full of life, joy and compassion towards everything.  He even gifted me a special limited edition Medal and Magnet that he has been waiting for the right person to give it to for over a year,” says Owner David Kroeker.

David Kroeker and Zoup! to the Rescue recipient Norman

Community connection

Individuals nominated to receive a care package receive a bowl of Zoup!’s award-winning soup, a hunk of bread, and a beverage. Anyone can nominate a friend or loved one to receive a care package, and the impact it can have on their day is truly special and heartwarming. Soup is a healthy, filling meal that brings warm and fuzzy intangible feelings to all, especially to those in need of some cheer.

Owner Dave Kroeker says, “Zoup to the Rescue is just one way how we exercise our #1 Zoupism “Reach Out” here in Cambridge. I often say and believe that if we take care of our community that our community will take care of us.  This is so true especially during the current pandemic.  The relationships we have formed over the years just by being human and caring for others is how we differentiate ourselves from others.”

Multi-unit owners Eric and Dia Ames share about their experience with Zoup! to the Rescue: “The Zoup! To the Rescue Program is near and dear to our heart!  Many times, we think our ‘problems’ are so big, but they pale in comparison to what others have to endure. This program always reminds us that someone always has it a little harder than we do! If we can provide some comfort in a bowl, a pick me up, and a kind gesture to our Zoup! Family (our customers and community), we absolutely want to be part of that.” The Ames own two Zoup! locations in Delaware.

All hands on deck

Each year, Zoup!’s support center team chooses a few organizations to rescue with a warm meal. This year, Zoup!’s Support Center delivered meals to the girls and women at Alternatives For Girls.

“After learning more about Alternative for Girls and the support they provide to both high-risk girls and those with horrific first-hand accounts of exploitation, abuse and terror, it was, and always is, an honor to support frontline workers doing meaningful work for our collective and greater good,” says Eric Ersher, Zoup!’s founder and CEO.

Watch the Zoup! Support Center Team deliver a rescue care package to Alternatives for Girls here:

To learn more or nominate someone for a rescue, visit Zoup.com/rescue.

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