Zoup! Celebrates 22 Years of Experience in the Soup Industry

On September 28, Zoup! is rewarding all Insiderz Rewards members with FREE SOUP with any purchase as part of a “Soup For Everyone” campaign. The leading fast-casual soup concept is celebrating its 22-year legacy in the business by providing comfort, warmth and well-being in the form of complimentary soup to all loyal guests. Over the last 22 years, Zoup! has evolved its menu and updated its look but has never lost sight of their legacy of always serving good, really good soup. All members can claim their free soup online, in-app or in-store. The reward will automatically be added to all members’ accounts on 9/28. New members can also claim the reward if they sign up on or before September 28, 2020.

“Two Guys and Some Oregano”

From their days as spice merchants selling seasonings and blends to restaurants, Zoup!’s founders never settled for good enough. When they discovered soup was often an afterthought, they set out on a mission to make Good, Really Good® soup using only the freshest ingredients possible. Now, their mission to be undeniably better than “good enough” applies not only to their soup, but everything they do.

When the first Zoup! opened its doors, many customers shared stories of their childhoods or fond memories related to soup. The founders came to realize that soup has powerful intangible qualities to many people. Coming together with friends and family over a hot bowl of soup brings those intangible feelings of comfort, warmth and well-being to life.

legacy soup inZoup!’s Founders at the Original Zoup! Fresh Soup Restaurant

22 Years of really good soup

The very first Zoup! opened its doors in Southfield, Michigan in 1998. A soup-only concept, it offered 12 new soups every day, each served with a big hunk of bread. The great success of the first restaurant confirmed that there was a demand for fresh and authentic soup. The opening of Zoup! Ann Arbor sparked the beginning of a growing franchise system that now spans across the U.S. and Canada. Continuously evolving, Zoup! opened the doors of its first Zoup! Eatery in 2019. Zoup! Eateries feature a fresh look and feel and enhanced operations and technology. The franchise continues to grow, bringing Zoup! to new markets.

Looking Forward

“Zoup! has enjoyed over 20 years as the leading soup-differentiated fast casual concept. As we celebrate our past, we also look to the future as we continue to evolve the brand,” said Jason Valentine, President and COO of Zoup! “We are currently transitioning from Zoup! Fresh Soup Company to Zoup! Eatery. The Zoup! Eatery name represents our menu evolution which includes Sandwiches, Mac & Cheese, Salads, Broth Bowls, Grain Bowls and Organic Craft Beverages. As a menu driven company, everything starts with the menu and extends to the rest of the brand. With Zoup! Eatery, we have a new look & feel, new technology, new marketing and enhanced operations that includes contactless pickup and delivery. As Zoup! Eatery comes to life, our team is energized by the results and endless potential ahead!”

legacy souPresident & COO Jason Valentine and Founder & CEO Eric Ersher

Zoup!’s Legacy

Constant growth and evolution are critical factors in the success of the Zoup! brand.

“One of our Zoup!isms is ‘Always Better’, ” said Eric Ersher, founder and CEO of Zoup!. “The minute we think we’ve crossed the finish line, is the minute we’ve lost our edge. We’ve always been open to trying out suggestions from customers and franchisees. We’ve kept what worked and tossed the rest, constantly evolving and growing better.” He reflects on the importance of paying it forward, “I, as well as much of our team, are motivated by serving the greater good, whether that be helping franchise owners become successfully self-employed or providing the tools and coaching to create a great culture, offering great service to our customers, providing meals to those in need through Zoup! to the Rescue, or giving experience to entry-level workers who may have never had a job before. The supportive and encouraging environment we’ve created motivates all of us.”

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Zoup!, download our free franchise guide below or contact Richard Zimmer at rzimmer@zoupco.com or call 800-940-9687 ext. 4