Purchasing an Existing Restaurant Proves Exciting Opportunity for Husband and Wife

Karl & Debbie Morton

Purchasing an existing location

When Karl and Debbie Morton decided to take charge of their future by purchasing a business, they said several aspects of the Zoup! Eatery restaurant in Virginia Beach, VA stuck out to them, making their decision an easy one. “When I was researching Zoup!, the culture and the products all  aligned with what I was looking for. It was the positive reinforcement I received from both customers and employees that made Zoup! something I wanted to be a part of,” shares Karl. 

Morton on What Sets Zoup! Apart From Other Restaurants

When asked how he maintains the same culture that initially attracted him, Karl replied, “It’s about bringing the team along, having them feed off that passion. It’s giving great customer service, it’s a great product, giving customers an opportunity to walk in and enjoy being here. You greet the customers as they come in, they see that energy when they’re coming in and they feel like they belong. They feel like they want to be a part of what we’re trying to do here. The team, on top of that, expresses that with our group, and I think that’s what makes us different from maybe every other restaurant.”

“Karl was using his previous multi-unit operations and management experience to work for someone else.  By purchasing an existing Zoup! Location he was able to quickly start using all those skills for himself and run his own business right away. The existing restaurant was already built out, had a customer base and staff ready to go. With their plans to open more new locations, Karl and Debbie are in control of building and owning their own future,” shares Zoup! Director of Franchise Development & Real Estate Richard Zimmer.

Continuing a legacy

“Taking over an existing Zoup! has been unique. It’s been good because we have the opportunity to work with a staff that was already in place. The previous owners were absolutely fabulous, and had a process set up for training, which helped us prepare for when we took over the restaurant,” says Karl.

Morton on Purchasing an Existing Zoup! Eatery

“Mark and Judy, the previous owners, put their hearts into this place. Even though they were ready to move on, it was like a part of them was leaving as they were leaving… With us, we are trying to continue their legacy, but at the same time, we are also working on starting our own legacy with Zoup! and the business, as well as the community and our staff,” shares Karl.

Plans for the future

Debbie and Karl plan on opening two new Zoup! Eateries in Southeast Virginia by the end of 2023. “We get customers from all over town asking when we’re going to open a Zoup! in their community. We get a lot of feedback asking us when we’re expanding and where we’re going to open up our next Zoup!” shares Debbie.

“Oh, yeah, everyone wants to tell me where to put the next Zoup!”, chimes in Karl.

Zoup! Virginia Beach is located at 1909 Landstown Centre Way Unit 160, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. To learn more about franchising opportunities with Zoup!, download our free franchise guide below or contact Richard Zimmer at rzimmer@zoupco.com or call 800-940-9687 ext. 4